Name Type Default Description
id String quill-container Set the id (necessary if multiple editors in the same view)
v-model String - Set v-model to the the content or data property you wish to bind it to
useCustomImageHandler Boolean false Handle image uploading instead of using default conversion to Base64
placeholder String - Placeholder text for the editor
disabled Boolean false Set to true to disable editor
customModules Array - Declare Quill modules to register
editorToolbar Array ** Too long for table. See toolbar example below Use a custom toolbar
editorOptions Object - Offers object for merging into default config (add formats, custom Quill modules, ect)


Name Parameters Description
focus quill Emitted on focus event
blur quill Emitted on blur event
selection-change range, oldRange, source Emitted on Quill's selection-change event
text-change delta, oldDelta, source Emitted on Quill's text-change event
image-added file, Editor, cursorLocation Emitted when useCustomImageHandler is true and photo is being added to the editor
image-removed image Emitted when useCustomImageHandler is true and photo has been deleted